Going...Going...Gone...Soon, now on exhibit at Chloe Gallery, explores Robert Bissell’s viewpoint of the ideal Animal Kingdom as it relates to environmental degradation and global warming issues. The ideal, which has been captured in landscape and animal paintings over the centuries, is often in stark contrast to what is actually occurring in the depicted environment - what we see is not what is being experienced. In Robert's animal paintings the inhabitants stand guard against the coming tide, beautifully depicted, for instance, in his oil The Mountain. Also on exhibit with Robert's newest animal paintings are works Robert has been exploring for the last two years as he moves back to his photographic roots. In this series Robert explores the everyday beauty in the human landscape - also under pressure from global warming.


This show was not only inspired by Robert's vision, but the recent impassioned speech from 16 years old Greta Thunberg at the UN Action Climate Summit. Her passion and conviction clearly summarized the frustration that her generation is feeling as we watch our world change before our eyes with our inaction.