Amy Nelder

Amy Nelder


(b. 1971, American)


Born in 1971 in San Francisco, painter Amy Nelder calls her work “Pop Trompe L’oeil.” Employing high realism infused with pop au courant imagery, she celebrates otherwise unsung domestic moments or conveys a message of dramatic, sometimes contemporary socio-political, import – but with a sense of lightness and often facetious. She paints beautiful imagery, but there is always a story to her painting. She seeks to convey the subtle but meaningful layers of simple human interaction, to impart appreciation of the joys, and ironies, of our lives. Nelder’s more recent still lifes have expanded into global commentary, including her Covid19ArtBunnies and Guns and Build-Your-Own Eden series on psychic autonomy.


The message is important, but she is simultaneously concerned with precision of technique, accuracy of detail and excellence of craftsmanship. Nelder studied at the University of California at Berkeley, as well as the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Early in her career, she was the Forensic Artist for the San Francisco Police Department, working primarily with survivors of violent crimes as well as creating facial reconstructions of decomposed or skeletonized remains for the Medical Examiner’s Office. 


Nelder now focuses entirely on her own fine art. A trained opera singer from ages 9 – 20, she notes the musicality in her paintings, that her way of feeling color is rhythmic and lyrical. She experiences a painting as a symphonic composition.


Upcoming exhibitions include Expressions West at the Coos Art Museum, Bend, Oregon; National Exhibition, Haggin Museum, San Joaquin, California; Women in Art: GREAT Artists who just Happen to be Women at Chloe Gallery, San Francisco; and ArtMarket San Francisco 2022. Nelder is an invited panelist for Gen-erate at SITE Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her work is now streaming on “Amy Nelder Artist Channel” on LOUPE (globally on AppleTV, Amazon Fire, Pluto TV, Xumo, Samsung, Comcast and Xfinity).


2022  Metro Montage XXII at the Marietta Cobb Museum in Georgia

2022  Cape Cod Museum of Art, All the World’s a Stage, Dennis, Massachusetts,

2022  Coos Art Museum, Expressions West 2022, Coos Bay, Oregon, 

2022  Haggin Museum, 61st Juried Exhibitionat the Haggin Museum, Stockton Art League, Stockton, CA

2022  SITE SANTA FE, Sante Fe, New Mexico, SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO

2022  Art Market San Francisco Art Fair, Chloe Gallery, San Francisco, CA 

2022  Chloe Gallery, Women in Art: GREAT Artists who just Happen to be Women 2022, San Francisco, CA

2022  Gen-erate, SITE Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2021  Walt Disney Family Museum, Conserving the Magic of our Planet, San Francisco, CA

2021  Blue Line Arts, Wild Dreams of a New Beginning, Roseville, CA

2021  Chloe Gallery, Women in Art: GREAT Artists who just Happen to be Women 2021, San Francisco, CA

2021  Chloe Gallery, The SUGAR Show, San Francisco, CA

2021  Chloe Gallery, The Summer Show 2021, Kenwood, Sonoma, CA

2020   The de Young Open, de Young Museum, San Francisco, CA

2020   The World of Tomorrow, Walt Disney Family Museum, San Francisco, CA

2020 The Garzoni Challenge: 90 works by Baroque artist Giovanna Garzoni and her contemporaries, Uffizi Galleries, Florence, Italy in partnership with Advancing Women Artists and the Medici Archive Project

2020   Chloe Gallery, Women in Art: GREAT Artists who just Happen to be Women, San Francisco, CA

2019   Chloe Gallery, Art Market San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
2019   Chloe Gallery, Women in Art: GREAT Artists who just Happen to be Women, San Francisco, CA
2018   Chloe Gallery Art and Winemakers' Group Exhibition: Amy Nelder, Carrie Graber, Timothy Mulligan and James Scoppettone, San 

           Francisco, CA

2018   Chloe Gallery, Women in Art: GREAT Artists who just Happen to be Women, San Francisco, CA

2018   Chloe Gallery, Art Market San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

2017   Chloe Gallery, Art Market San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

2017   Chloe Gallery, Art and Winemakers' Group Exhibition: Amy Nelder, Robert Bissell, Aldo Luongo, Rene de CarloSan Francisco, CA

2016   Chloe Gallery, Art and Winemakers' Group Exhibition: Amy Nelder, Aldo Luongo, Isabel Emrich, Cheryl Kline and Mark Yale HarrisSan  

            Francisco, CA

2015   Chloe Gallery, Banquet with the Artists: Ideation and Innovation, San Francisco, CA

2015   Chloe Gallery, Art and Winemakers' Group Exhibition: Amy Nelder, Carrie Graber, Aldo Luongo, and Mark Gaskin, San Francisco, CA

2014   Chloe Gallery, Chloe Gallery Anniversary Exhibition, San Francisco, CA

2014   Chloe Gallery, Art and Winemakers' Group Exhibition - Celebrating the Valley: Amy Nelder, Aldo Luongo, Gil Bruvel, Carrie Graber

            San Francisco, CA



Thin Man Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd, South Africa

Vanillamore Dessert Kitchens, Montclair, NJ

Zurich Insurance, corporate collection, NYC, NY

Sports Engineering and Recreation Asia, LTD, Bangkok, Thailand

Buena Vista Café, San Francisco, CA

Tosca Café, San Francisco

GESD Capital Partners, San Francisco, CA

Club Wingtip, society club, San Francisco, CA

The Women's Art Library Special Collections and Archives The Library Goldsmiths, University of London New Cross, London 
Deerfield Ranch Winery, Kenwood, CA

Levi Strauss, Branding Archives, San Francisco, CA

Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA


Chinese Charity Cultural Services Center, Chinatown, San Francisco

San Francisco Board of Education, Executive Administration Building

State of California Family Support Bureau, San Francisco

District Attorney’s Services Center, San Francisco


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