Carrie Graber

Two Visitors (Bowie Series), 2023
oil on salvaged maple plywood
19.40 x 28 in
Occasionally, Carrie has been inspired to use David Bowie as a central figure in her painting. The result often reveals a candid,
casual moment that still manages to appear magical. Quizzed about Bowie as an inspiration, Carrie pauses to consider
that it was perhaps less about ideas and more “emotions and osmosis” that played a part. “I’ve felt just a little “different” my whole life, learned that I probably thought about things from somewhere slightly askew, didn’t feel exactly lockstep with anyone in particular. Days had colors, music had shapes, animals were easier company than people.” “What WAS it about Bowie? He’s just magic, isn’t he. Extremely captivating to look at, I think he had a strong physical awareness about what shapes his body. Ultra-expressive, he’d often say the oddest
things in interviews and I’d laugh because it was as though he was experiencing what I was-- a mix of awkwardness,
obliqueness, and intelligence, but with class and grace I lacked and admired.”