Klaire Lockheart

Two Brodalisques, 2024
oil on canvas
32 x 48 in

Klaire Lockheart uses oil paint, fabric, and her snarky sense of humor to create badass artwork to challenge traditional gender roles. She is known for her absurd figure paintings, post-apocalyptic fiber art, and installing group art exhibitions with wheat paste. As Miss Art World South Dakota, Lockheart advocates for the rights of women and people of other marginalized genders in a region where feminism is often considered an “F-word.”


​Lockheart is committed to painting high quality portraits and compositions with ridiculous detail in order to pick fights with old dead European artists who excluded and mistreated women. She is grateful for receiving the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation grant along with a South Dakota Arts Council fellowship to make oil on canvas paintings of reclining dudes luxuriating in man caves. Her subversive brodalisque paintings have been published in New American Paintings, DailyArt Magazine, and Bird in Flight.