Gil Bruvel

The River (7/35)
stainless steel
24 x 23 x 15 in
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Also available in a monumental 3', 6', and 9' casting.
The River continues Gil Bruvel’s Flow Series by building on the idea of water, expressed in Rain, and “ribbons of energy,” expressed in Dichotomy. Here the figure is comprised of the dynamic action of water as it flows in riverbeds from an unknown source toward a terminus, which is the ocean. Thus, water represents not only energy and the inherent interconnectedness of human experience in the modern world, but also the ever-shifting movement of our lives. Like the river, we are in flux, constantly changing and “re-patterning” in response to myriad stimuli – the give and take of living, thinking, feeling and being – moment to moment and day to day. Unpredictable, powerful, but also creatively and spontaneously moving, The River expresses the dynamism of the human experience which is essentially ephemeral: an ever-changing and changeable thing of beauty.