Amy Nelder and Chloe Lejnieks

That's Not My Name #15, 2023
acrylic on canvas
48 x 36 in

"HONEY BABY CHICK SUGAR SWEETIE : For many years now I've been working with my daughter Chloe to transform Wonder Woman into the avenging and protecting angel of bodily and semantic autonomy, her 22K gold-leaf halo reminding you of the purity of her purpose, drawing Chloe into the studio since she was 8 years old to paint this visual dialogue with me - "That's NOT My Name" - creating an abstract narrative on the iconography of these names she can expect to be called throughout her life - talking with her about her right to accept or reject those words and names as well as to extend that self-determination to and beyond her body into any other aspect of her life." - Amy Nelder