James Scoppettone

Sunset on Snowy Ridge, 2022
oil on canvas
30 x 48 in
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Expansive views of big sky define the breathtaking quality of this inspiring scene. 
Shades of dusky blue and rose draw the eye back and forth across the ridge line which is defined by a pure line of yellow gold, that is the sun. The sun has the power to hold the gaze there, and keep bringing it back, no matter if the eye wants to wander down for a tour of the private meadow in the foreground. Eventually one is always lured back to look again, and again, at the light where it meets the dark, which in this case is the ridgeline where the forest is blanketed in full royal blue shadow. 
A cinematic sense of place invites the viewer to take a tour through the giant snowy trees in the meadow, as if it could be the ideal adventure by snowshoe, or sled. The sunset glowing in the distance, and the evenly composed foreground, middle ground, and far ground, open up the perspective for miles in the direction of the sun. Finally, in contrast to the painting’s rich tapestry of shadow and snow, it is worth revisiting the very upper edges of the sky where the blue can only be described as atmospheric, multi-dimensional and light.