Paige Bradley

Quantum Spirituality, Metamorphosis (0/12)
bronze sculpture
27 x 10 x 10 in
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This is a sculpture focused on identifying that which cannot be touched nor seen, only felt. It is a spiritual, warm-hearted, connection. Some people might look at it as a meditating woman, or others might feel it as an other-worldly experience, perhaps even a feeling that connects us to our ancestors. It’s the intangible, non-physical world that I am putting a form to. The color transitioning gently to the dark blue top gives it a “sky” or “atmospheric” feel. The ball and the figure are earthly. In fact, there are three different entities in the piece; the earth (tangible), the human (the spiritual) and the air (the metaphysical or intangible). The sky is the limit – no – the sky is only the beginning, when we put our heart to it. ~ Paige Bradley