Gil Bruvel

My Mirror Remains (5/20)
stainless steel
28 x 24 x 15 in
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Also available in a monumental 3', 6', and 9' casting.
Another piece in Gil Bruvel’s Flow Series, offers a variation on the theme of human frailty. Composted of “ribbons of energy” that seek to capture the process of engaging all levels of being in order to be fully human, this work also offers the viewer a static, reflective surface which resides at the core of all the energy and complexity that comprise the individual psyche. In this way, My Mirror’s Remains suggest that perhaps the true state of observation is simply reflecting back on what is around despite the apparent maze-like features of existence. And, while the mirror is simply a tool, it is up to the seeker as to how he or she chooses to use it. Will the mirror be developed for observation and reflection or will it be projected into the world? In this way, this sculpture attempts to evoke our spontaneous, unconditioned states of mind and the possibility of stillness at the center, while also reflecting the continuous flux of the self and psyche.