Paige Bradley

Gratitude, The Goddess (2/25), 2019
bronze sculpture
28.50 x 21 x 10.50 in
A positive attitude is the greatest defense against all that life throws at us. However, a life devoid of ups and downs would be no life at all. It is in the struggle where we realize our strength and tenacity. Fighting through the tough times make us realize the power of our values and our constitution to get through it without crumbling in the face of adversity. My model for Gratitude had suffered her own difficulties, including open heart surgery before she turned 30. But her positive attitude and her gratitude for her happy life was utterly intoxicating. There was a light that shined from her that made everyone around her brighter also. I still feel the warmth of when she entered my studio, as if she brought sunshine with her. ~ Paige Bradley