Paige Bradley

Fairy Tale, The Dancers (0/15)
bronze sculpture
22.50 x 13 x 11 in
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The fairy tale/tail is an analogy of finding a "perfect" life, a fairytale life, hoping that by acknowledging ones fortune, that it can last forever. Understanding that many are not as fortunate, and to remain grateful for the blessings we DO have; holding a positive perspective on fortunes we meet, even though life is never perfect. Life can be messy and unpredictable but how we react to it is the strength. It is only with our attitude that we can control levels of joy or pain. It's how we choose to walk out on the stage of life and greet whatever will come. This sculpture, Fairy Tale, is named this way because perhaps the tail of her dress shows her scars, the wear and tear of life. But she remains graceful and happy, holding her head high through it all. Paige Bradley