Paige Bradley

Expansion Rising (Third Life) w/ electricity, The Metamorphosis (5/18), 2018
bronze sculpture with electricity
32.50 x 21 x 14.25 in
When I first created Expansion it was more about the effort, centering, and finding the power within. Now that this particular sculpture has been gifted with an energy all her own (thanks to the internet, the powerful bloggers, art-appreciators... and you), she deserved to be reimagined. With a powerful feminine aura, and a upward, vertical energy, Expansion Rising is where the abstract and contemporary come together in a singular piece. She is a constellation of unique sensibilities, yet as a whole, as the gestalt, the Rising version of Expansion is a harbinger for the feminine spirit of our age. Expansion Rising is our phoenix from the flames; our fractured heroine. Paige Bradley