Gil Bruvel

Dichotomy (0/35)
stainless steel
28 x 27 x 14 in
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Inspired by the complexities of living fully in all worlds at once, Dichotomy meditates on and celebrates the dual nature of existence. Composed of “ribbons of energy” that seek to capture the process of engaging all levels of being in order to be fully human, the sculpture reflects the natural strength and quiet majesty inherent in integrating the various levels of existence. As a result, the figure inhabits a serene meditative space, fully embracing a dichotomy of existences: anima and animus, male and female, conscious mind and unconscious mind, waking and dreaming.

stainless steel
28" tall x 27" wide x 14" deep
71.12 cm tall x 68.58 cm wide x 35.56 cm deep
Weight: 62 lbs
In an edition of 35