Paige Bradley

Anjali Triptych, The Goddess (0/12), 2020
Bronze Sculpture
13 x 18 x 18 in
I have lived in Europe twice in my life; once as a student in Florence and again in London as I started my family. I was thoroughly moved by most every public sculpture I stumbled upon and they became the story of my own life, living in the various towns. When I go back and visit them decades later, I touch them like an old friend and I think they remember me. Anjali Triptych speaks to the public works found in Europe that inspired me. I feel the sense of water flowing over the bowl, raining down between the figures into a pool below. These type of public works are missing in America due to an underlying fear of the unclothed figure. But it cannot be denied, these sculptures speak to our humanity. They inspire visitors, become the meeting spot for romantics, a summertime pool for children, or just an icon to know you are home. Until I find the perfect public garden for this work, Anjali Triptych will be a treasured centerpiece in a dining room, entryway, or secret garden... A little piece of Europe, wherever it may be. ~ Paige Bradley