James Scoppettone

Large Napali Coast, 2020
oil on canvas
40 x 72 in
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The monumental quality of the Napali cliffs and coastline is authentically communicated by this painting. The up close angle on the cliffs in the foreground brings the viewer right there to the location. A collector who has walked the Napali coast trail, or visited by boat, will recognize the breathtaking feeling of being confronted by this beautiful scene. Having a cinematic view of this magical location painted by James Scoppettone who knows and loves the region for decades, would be a dream come true for any art collector, especially new art collectors living in the Hawaiian islands. This painting is unlike anything the artist has ever done, or will ever do again. Large Napali Coast is an example of an ‘apex work of art.’ It represents a very high level of achievement by both artist and collector.